You’re right, saying goodbye to your longtime Northeast Heights home can be stressful.

Like many, you’re realizing it is time to re-size. Your forever home has outgrown you. The energy, time and money required to maintain it have become a bit too much, and you know that it’s time for a change. But this time around, it’s a little different.
It’s not about finding that big beautiful home with the huge yard. This time, it’s about finding a manageable home that gives you the freedom to live your full life in a rich and comfortable environment.

However, you know that selling and buying a home at the same time presents a myriad of challenges. In a transaction this complex, issues are inevitable and dealing with them alone can be stressful, time consuming, and exhausting.

You’re no stranger to the real estate process and it’s clear you’re going to need help making this move a success, but where do you begin?

Your Professional Guide

Without a seasoned professional helping you through the process, this move can take its toll both emotionally and physically.

Frankly, you’re parting with a special place that holds both emotional AND financial equity, so you’re right to want to approach this carefully.

But, in the age of technology and social media, many agents post your home online and rely on the internet and algorithms do the rest. Others stick a sign in the yard, list it on the MLS, and hope another broker brings a buyer.

In order to ensure a seamless and successful transition to your new home, you need more than one of these “wait and see” approaches.

At The MacGyver Group, we take a hands-on approach to helping you maximize your equity and streamline your move.

Our complete concierge service provides the personal care and professional resources needed to ensure that you feel taken care of every step of the way.

Call Us Today

As your trusted advisor, we take the fear and burden out of this move by helping you navigate the nuances of selling your home and empowering you with the information you need (when you need it).

With a keen eye for design and years of negotiating experience, we work quickly to help you beautifully prepare your home, identify and target the right buyer, and secure the best possible terms on your sale–all with minimal impact to you.

Take a look around to learn more about us. Click on our Results page to see how our process works and how we make it a simple and stress-free experience for you.

And when you’re ready, give us a call for your 15-minute Initial Consultation ⮕ 505.803.6361

We will briefly cover your needs, goals, and our process for helping you make the transition to your new home a comfortable, successful experience. If it’s a fit, we’ll discuss next steps from there.